The story begins in March 2007

Baking Ingredients
Cake Whisking

Years ago my husband came home and said the lady that baked cakes for the shop cant make cakes, "Please make cakes for us."

Off I went and baked a few cakes. Gilbert tasted a few...and Zouné's Cakes was born. 

Chocolate Parfait

by June 2007

I started making 2 a day at home, until we had a whole production line. It spread like wildfire by word of mouth.

April 2008

My second child was soon to arrive and I said to my hubby, "I will never be able to bake all thease cakes once Kaylim arrives." 

So we took our cakes to Bryanston Riverside shopping centre were we had a fruit shop.


October 2008

With the help of 2 staff members we started baking. Soon to become a family of new staff members.

We have since opened a factory with every cake still being made by hand. The cakes are still baked the same way I did by hand those years ago.

Today we are grateful to be a supplier to many of South Africa's large franchises, corporate stores and independent stores. 


Today, we are still baking cakes and loving everyday we get to work together.